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Today the Reach & Wash System has revolutionised the Window Cleaning Industry. With the use of a water fed extendable pole and soft fibre brush head, capable of  reaching the most  highest windows, and purified water (De-ionised water, or water that has been rid completely of minerals) your glass can be cleaned without any of the old problems.

Gone are the days when the man on his bicycle with a ladder on one shoulder, a bucket hanging from the handlebars, and a few rags in his back pocket, whistling his way to you hoping that your outside water tap is working to wash your windows.

The more effective and efficient window cleaning services today use the Reach & Wash System. The extendable pole eliminates the need for ladders so less the likelihood of damage being done to your property and accidents from falling.

Ordinary Tap water contains Mineral elements that leave unsightly streaky residues when it dries, these minerals acts as a foothold to pollutants. Purified water, is devoid of any such footholds so the more it is used, the surface will stay cleaner for longer  between rewash  times, a saving in costs. Another bonus is that the cleaner can walk away from the wet glass without the use of a Squeegee confident that it will dry sparkling without streaks. This form of water is an environmentally safe product, free of chemicals but performs as a great dirt shifter.

We endeavor to use harvested rain water as first choice where possible as part of the philosophy  of Vaporsheen. The service is brought to you complete in our transport to reduce any disturbance to you.


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